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2022-04-08 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Why Serviced Office

Why serviced office? 

From our last blog we introduced you to the type of services OneStart Business Centre would offer you in our Serviced Office packages. You could choose serviced offices of your ideal location, or the center with the interior design you prefer. They will come with furniture and basic office necessities.

There might be various types of packages when you scroll through the list of serviced offices on search engines. The pricing would therefore vary. OneStart Business Centre’s serviced office packages include the water, electricity, management fees and rates etc. We also provide free broadband Internet access, WIFI to all of our clients. 

Now you may think that this is all about advertising, and serviced office might cost you a fortune that is not worth it. Therefore in this blog, we are going to tell you why serviced office has slowly become the trend for business, and what you can gain from renting a serviced office!


1. High flexibility in rental 

Rental period of a serviced office is much more flexible than renting a traditional office. Usually the minimum rental period of a traditional office is set at 2-years, and the terms and conditions are also much more strict. For example, the rent might be subject to changes when the property prices go up. This might not be suitable for small and medium enterprises. 

However for serviced office, take OneStart Business Centre’s Kwun Tong branch as an example, our contract starts from a 3-months basis. When your business starts to grow, and you need more space and room for storing up your documents, and you have a larger team, there will be a need for a larger office! In this case, using serviced office would be a much better choice. You could terminate the contract more freely, and choose a new venue or a bigger office at the same center, for the needs of your business. 

2. High flexibility in location

One of the difficulties you may run into when searching for a traditional office to rent, is that offices at the golden business belt, are pricey or difficult for you to find a good choice with the limited capital in hand. Therefore, most of the time, new business or small and medium enterprises would have to search into areas that are comparatively more distanced from the business belt. 

With Serviced office, you could easily find offices with a fair price in a reasonable size of room in one of the Grade A office space in Hong Kong. There would be no entry point for your company’s scale. As long as you wish to use our serviced office, OneStart Business Centre would make sure your office is ready-to-use right away. We have set a new scheme for serviced office – the ‘Your Ideal Office’ service. If there is any specific location you have in mind, OneStart Business Centre could help you to locate the best option of serviced office in town! 


3. Business Cost Reduction

After renting a new traditional office, you would have already added quite a large sum of fixed cost to your financial burden. However, there are still costs in interior designs and ordering office essentials. Costs like water, electricity and management fees are also one to concern. The list can go on and on, and it would start to grow out of hand, when you have to balance your income with this fluctuating list of costs.

But with serviced office, some packages like the one in OneStart Business Centre, water, electricity, management fees and rates are included in the package plan! So every month, the business cost for your office matters would be relatively fixed at the same level – same as our package’s price. This would differ a lot in your business planning, as now you could easily anticipate the overall gain and loss in your business model. 


4. Assisted Serviced Office

After settling down the hardware of your traditional rental office, you will need to start looking for receptionists and assistants. In OneStart Business Centre’s serviced office, our branches’ receptionists could serve as your company’s official receptionists, and help to deal with minor clerical work you need. This service is included in some of the packages, and it can save you the time and money to train up a professional assistant for your companies. With OneStart Business Centre’s serviced office, we would handle all trivial matters for you. All you have to worry about is to shine on the stage of the business world. 


Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Serviced Offices? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!