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2022-04-06 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - What is Serviced Office

What is Serviced Office? 

In the very first series of our OneStart Weekly, we covered about Virtual Office. If you still remember, in virtual office services you would receive physical office address for your business, without the needs to rent your own office. In different service packages, like the ones we have in OneStart Business Centre, we could also offer you with phone answering services, mail box services, or even packages receive and deliver services. For more details on Virtual Office, feel free to go back to our previous blogs to refresh your memory, CLICK HERE or contact our helpful consultants!

In a Serviced Office, you could enjoy a comfortable working environment, with plush furniture and a view of Hong Kong’s hectic city landscapes. Serviced office differ from shared office, where shared office is an open public area with tables and chairs for different people to work at the same location. Serviced office, on the other hand, provide you with your own room as your office. You could store you files and documents, products and important business records in the room that we provide you with. We would also provide you with a personal safe for storing your important business documents.

OneStart Business Centre understands the needs of our customer, and have adopted a simplistic design at our serviced office working space. The office is equipped with basic office necessities, like individual phone and fax, air conditioners, printers and scanners. We could provide all you need for your dream office settings. Telephone lines are assigned per desk and fax lines are assigned per room. Therefore, if your team has more than one person, you could still assign telephone lines to different departments for different business needs.

As a serviced offices that have a legit established location for you to work at. OneStart Business Centre understands that location convenience is one thing that you would value. Our serviced offices are close to MTR stations, with just a 5-7 minutes’ walk. Nearby are other commercial centers, where you could easily find a place for a quick breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Locations that you could choose from for your serviced office at OneStart Business Centre are all golden areas for business. Our Kwun Tong serviced office is at the cross junction of Hung To Road and How Ming Street, the massive stream of people and easy transportation make it a perfect office place. Kwun Tong has been turning from an industrial heavy area into a commercial area. Many international enterprises have been moving into this area, bringing in various commercial elements to Kowloon East.

Another hot location is our MongKok serviced office. Our MongKok Branch is located in the Mong Kok Wai Fung Plaza which is in the heart of Mongkok. Large shopping malls and Mong Kok MTR station exits, major shopping malls and hotels are also right close. If you have other dream location in mind, you can always ask our consultant. We could help you to locate the best serviced office in the area of our choice. You ideal office is just a call away!


Usually serviced offices services offering Business Centre would assign Secretaries at the front desk at the serviced office, to cater for our clients’ needs at all time. Receptionists could even help to pick up phone calls when you are busy and not in office. In different packages, the services that is as well as the sizes of the services office offered will differ. However, all OneStart Business Centre’s serviced office clients could enjoy a discounted price on conference room rental service. In this way, if any of your valuable guests are paying you a visit, you can hold a meeting in our meeting rooms. Our office assistant could help you to handle reception, serving coffee or tea, or even handle documents filing and processing. 

Renting a serviced office could help to maintain a professional image of your company. With an accessible office, it could be easier for your storage of documents and products. OneStart Business Centre aims at providing the most reliable and professional service for our clients. We hope to help our clients in their way of building their business empire.

Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Serviced Office and Virtual Office? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!