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Establishment of Malaysia Company
Malaysia is a popular choice for foreigners looking for expansion and to incorporate. Consumer demand in both local and foreign Asian markets is high whereas a Malaysian corporation benefits from its easy access and the Malaysian government supports foreign investors with numerous policies and incentives. 
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Create a company request
  • At least two shareholders and two directors
  • At least one company secretary
  • Must have a registered address in a Malaysian company office
  • The minimum authorized share capital of 3,000 MYR

The director’s nationality is unlimited, must be 18 years of age or older, has a residential address in Malaysia, has not been bankrupt and has not been convicted and imprisoned for the past five years

Malaysia Company Registration Benefits

  • Among some of the benefits you stand to gain by opening a company in Malaysia are:
  • Malaysia is strategically positioned in Asia
  • Ranked 18th by the World Bank 2016 for ease of doing business
  • No restrictions when it comes to repatriation of capital, profits, royalties and dividends
  • Malaysia has double taxation treaties with 68 other countries
  • Low start-up costs and rental rates
Need to submit information
  • Copy of passports of shareholders and directors
  • Equity distribution information
  • Verification copy of company registration certificate/verified copy of foreign company registration
  • A verified copy of the foreign company charter and the statute/memorandum and charter/other methods used to define its charter
  • The appointment of the charter or the power of attorney of the authorized person in Malaysia

Submitted documents require notarization

Malaysia tax rate
Corporate tax:

The corporate tax rate in Malaysia is 24%.

For companies with paid-up capital of less than RM2.5 million, the first tax rate of RM500,000 is 20%, and then the income is taxed at a rate of 24%.

profit tax:

Malaysian national profits tax of not more than RM26,501 per year is 1%-26%, and foreign nationals' tax rate is fixed at 26%.

Import Tax:

A preferential tariff is imposed between Malaysia and ASEAN countries, and the import duty on industrial products is 0-5%.

Export Tax:

Malaysia imposes an export tax on the export of resource products including crude oil, logs, sawn timber and crude palm oil.

Handling time required

The registration time is within 2 months after the submission of the information.

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