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2022-04-13 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Targets of Serviced Office

Targets of serviced office

As previously discussed, serviced office is a ready-to-use working place that comes with all office necessities. At OneStart Business Centre, we could even offer you services like office secretary services, and meeting room rental services. This friendly package set is also one of the reasons why serviced office services at OneStart Business Centre is so competitive among customers.

If you go to our website, you should see several 5-star business office location to choose from. However, with the popularity of our serviced office services. Only Kwun Tong and Mong Kok branch has a limited rooms available now! Phone-in to our consultant and make a reservation before it is too late!

Why would service offices be such a heated choice? If you recall, from our last blog, serviced office is an affordable furnished office that comes with all you need, while at the same time not bounding you to a long contract. Then, who are the main targets of serviced office? Who will need serviced office service most?


1. Freelancers

Freelancers work as a solopreneur and sometimes they would need a separation from their home life. Having a formal working address at your business card is the first step to make connection and contact much more formal and professional for your personal branding.

Some freelancers might be a movie producer, or they are a team of freelance producers. In this sense, they will have a desperate need for a working space. Renting a traditional office could be too costly for freelancers, and therefore serviced office is the perfect choice for them.


2. Start-up companies

For small start-up companies, they often comes with a fairly tight budget. Flexible terms and affordable pricings of serviced office is the great help for start-up companies. You can easily find your ideal office at a reasonable price range within a limited time.

Another advantage for start-up companies to rent a serviced office is that you could easily find other start-up companies at the business centre. Sometimes interesting business ideas come from making more new friends who have the adventurous minds like you. Come and find your new friends at your serviced office!


3. Remote workers

When you think of remote workers, sometimes you would think those are all service providers who are in the creative industries, and that’s why they do not need to work in the office. However, there is a new trend where more CEOs and COOs are working in a remote office to streamline their own creative process and find a work-life balance.

And serviced offices would be a fairly good choice for them! You could rent a single room as your office, or even serviced offices that come with your own conference rooms and podcasting studios. In this way, remote workers could still keep contact with their colleagues, without having to work at home or rent. An expensive traditional office.


4. For office transitions

Some clients mat need a temporary office for their companies, when moving from one traditional office to another. Contracts of traditional offices could be tricky and took you more time than you could manage for transitions. You would not want every projects on hand to come at a stop because of silly contract matter.

At this timing, serviced office services would be of great help. Contract period of serviced office is so much more flexible, and you could extend services if there is such a need. Therefore serviced office is a great choice for you to temporarily store up the documents form your old office, or a working place for your business.


5. Foreign enterprises

Don’t be shocked. Although foreign enterprises who seek to establish an overseas branch is usually a big company who can afford a great traditional office. It is a usual practice for companies to conduct research on overseas market, before firmly establishing a new branch and rent a long term office.

So serviced office becomes a good choice for them. With a short term contract and ready-to-go office, they could settle down in a new city with much ease. Using serviced office services, they could focus on market researches. If the location is not a dream place for expansion, they could just terminate the serviced office contract and get ready for a new country.


6. Corporate clients

Big corporates usually would set up a headquarter and small branches at different locations across the city. With the enormous number of employees under the corporation, distance becomes a challenge for the recruitment processes. Renting serviced office becomes a way to set up a branch at a closer workplace for employees who live in different areas. Such flexibility could help in recruiting new employees, as well as creating a separate working spaces for different teams. It could be difficult to keep all the teams at a single building.


Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Serviced Office Services and Virtual Office Services? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!