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OneStart business centre offers professional and affordable company secretarial services

( OneStart Secretaries Limited Trust or Company Service Provider Licence: TC002848) . We have a variety of programs to suit the needs of different clients, and you can also enjoy different secretarial services in a single fee-based service, including filing annual returns, updating business registration certificates and Change the company name, etc. to ensure that it meets your needs.

Under the laws of Hong Kong, each company must appoint at least one company secretary.
The company secretary is a statutory position in the modern corporate system. Its duties are to arrange meetings, prepare meeting minutes, submit statutory files to government departments, and ensure that the company meets statutory requirements

company secretary services: Formulate internal meeting minutes, Submit document to company registry, Update company record book, Prepare SCR & AGM documents


The company secretary covers the following areas:

  1. Submit annual returns, business registration certificates and other required forms to the Companies Registry on a regular basis
  2. Formulate the company's internal meeting minutes and resolutions based on the meeting information provided by the company's directors/shareholders
  3. Printing company shares to company shareholders
  4. Update company record book
  5. Prepare annual general meeting
  6. Prepare Significant Controllers Register (SCR)



  1. Service Package
  2. Documents Required
  3. Significant Controller Register (SCR)   
  4. Special Package Offer
  5. One-Off Service Fees


Enquiry and Quotation

Tel: 3575 6888or
Email: info@onestartoffices.com
WhatsApp: 35756888 - Click here to start a conversation

Download Application Form PDF


Company Secretary Service Package

Service Items
Act as Company Secretary
Prepare and Submit Annual Return*
(only applicable of renewal)
Submit the Business Registration Certificate
(only applicable to renewal)
Provide suggestions for CR and IRD’s letters
Change of Registered Office Address^
Increase of Capital and
Share Allotment^
Change of Personal Particulars of Director and Company Secretary^
Appointment/ Resignation of Director^
Appointment/ Resignation of Secretary^ 
Change of Company Business Nature^
Annual General Meeting
Change of Branch Name^
Register Branch^
Change of Company Name^
Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
(According to the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622), excluding a listed company, is required to keep a significant controllers register otherwise a daily fine of HK$700 will be charged.)
Transfer of Shares^
Cancel Branch
Deregistration of Limited Company
*For perparing the annual return, please submit the enquiry 7 working days before due date of the annual return. Late enquiries will be charge an additional administrative fee of HK$500.

^Only 5 changes are allowed. Extra charges will be charged if the limit is exceeded.

#Government Fee
  • Business Registration Certificate HK$2,150
  • Annual return HK$105
    If the customer has overpaid or underpaid, OneStart will arrange a refund or request for the difference to be paid according to the fee set by the government department at the time.

Company Secretary Documents required

For customers who have established a company and applying for company secretarial services, please provide the following documents:

Have not submitted the annual application form
Have submitted the annual application form
Business registration certificate (copy)(BR)
Company certificate (copy)
Incorporation form (copy) (NNC1)
Articles of Association (copy) (AA)
Copies of ID cards of all members
Proof of English address (within 3 months of application date)
Annual return (copy) (NAR1)

If you are looking for company formation service, please check out our Company Formation Package.

Significant Controller Register (SCR)

The government stipulates that companies established in Hong Kong must identify persons who have significant control rights (significant controllers) and keep a register of significant controllers for inspection by law enforcement officers upon request. At the same time, each company must appoint a person as its representative to provide assistance to law enforcement officers in answering matters related to the important controller register.
The revised part will take effect from March 1, 2018, and relevant departments have the opportunity to conduct random checks on each company at any time.
According to 9.1.1 of the "Guidelines for Companies to Keep a Register of Significant Controllers", failure to perform the above responsibilities is a criminal offence. The company and each responsible person may be fined at level 4 (ie $25,000). If the situation is applicable, a fine of 700 yuan will be imposed every day.

Please call 35756888 to enquire about the Company Secretary plan.

Company Secretary Special Package Offer

(Virtual Office and Company Secretary)*

Virtual Office Address Plan + Company Secretary BASIC Package
Lai Chi Kok
Causeway Bay
Kwun Tong
*Clients purchasing the above package could redeem Dynamic Electric Display service by HK$240 (50%off). *Only available for new clients.

One-Off Company Secretary Service Fees

Service Fee
Government Fee
Submit Annual Return*
Updated Business Registration Certificate
Change of Company Name
Change of Company Business Nature
Change of Registered Office Address
Share Allotment
Appointment of Director/Secretary
Change of Personal Particulars of Director and Company Secretary
Prepare of Significant Controllers Register
Prepare of Significant Controllers Register & Keeping Fee at first year
Representative of Keeping Significant Controllers Register
Significant Controllers Register Keeping Fee
Share Transfer
Register Branch
Cancel Branch
Change of Branch Name
Deregistration of Limited Company
Trademark Registration
Record the Content of a Meeting
*For perparing the annual return, please submit the enquiry 7 working days before due date of the annual return. Late enquiries will be charge an additional administrative fee of HK$500.
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