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Latest promotion
OneStart Referal Program
2023-12-05 | Latest promotion
Self Storage | APPLE STORAGE Offer for OneStart Members!
Hot Offer! Save Up to $1700 on a Ready-Made Company!
2023-09-14 | Latest promotion
【OneStart Serviced Office — The Budget Friendly Choice】
2023-05-23 | Latest promotion
【Ready-Made Shelf Company】save $1000!
2023-04-20 | Latest promotion
【Consumption Voucher Scheme 2023】Discounts for Starting a Business!
2023-04-13 | Latest promotion
【Comeback Special Offer】Serviced Office Free Trial for 3-Month
2023-02-17 | Latest promotion
frist time to form a company may have asked thess question:
Serviced Office Transfer Offer:3 Months Rent Free
2022-10-20 | Latest promotion
Bring your current serviced office valid lease, enjoy rent-free in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th months of our new 1 year serviced office lease contract.
【會計理帳服務 十月超級優惠價 HK$800起/月】
2022-10-03 | Latest promotion
【OneStart 會計理帳服務】,只需要將每月嘅所有發票同單據交畀我哋,壹達專業團隊就會為你定製出精準嘅月、季同年度財務報表!
【1 mth free trial Serviced Office】
2022-09-09 | Latest promotion
只需繳交按金?,即刻可以 #免費試用 我哋嘅服務式辦公室一個月?!按金會於試用期後全數歸還,絕無隱藏收費?!
【九月限定 新客優惠 月費只需 $45】
2022-09-02 | Latest promotion
【Aug-Sep Only $2999 up/1 person a month】
2022-08-19 | Latest promotion
【Mong Kok Serviced Office - $1/month】
2022-07-08 | Latest promotion
【Causeway Bay Serviced Office - $1/ month】
2022-07-04 | Latest promotion
【Kwun Tong Serviced Office $1/month】
2022-05-01 | Latest promotion
【Central Serviced Office - $1/month】
2022-07-07 | Latest promotion
【Exclusive Incorporation FREE Upgrade】
2022-01-03 | Latest promotion
【观塘 - 服务式办公室 - 特价 $4500起】
【$0 Startup】No hidden charges!
[$1250 up] Private, Unlimited Company, Limited Company Tax Service
2021-03-17 | Latest promotion
【Create bank account? You need OneStart!】
2021-03-15 | Latest promotion
Have not received tax returns?
Virtual Office - Not Just Provide You An Address!
Christmas Offer: Incorporation and Company Secretary - 20% for New Customers
2020-12-09 | Latest promotion
Giveaway for Members- OneStart x Hoga Agarwood Tea Trial
2020-11-23 | Latest promotion
Deregistration is Not Easy! 100% Rebate Programme
2020-11-19 | Latest promotion
Free 2021 Calendar - OneStart x Hong Kong Cancer Fund
2020-11-13 | Latest promotion
OneStart 15th Anniversary Incorporation Virtual Office Company Secretary for a free Microsoft Office 365
Mongkok Serviced Office Rental Drop Fixed Room or Desk $2020/MO Up
2020-09-07 | Latest promotion
Tips for Anti-epidemic Fund - Catering Business Social Distancing Subsidy Scheme