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Latest promotion
Christmas Offer: Incorporation and Company Secretary - 20% for New Customers
2020-12-09 | Latest promotion
Giveaway for Members- OneStart x Hoga Agarwood Tea Trial
2020-11-23 | Latest promotion
Deregistration is Not Easy! 100% Rebate Programme
2020-11-19 | Latest promotion
Free 2021 Calendar - OneStart x Hong Kong Cancer Fund
2020-11-13 | Latest promotion
Opening Company Bank Account - Assurance of Success
2020-11-04 | Latest promotion
OneStart Anniversary 50% off switch to Company Secretary Virtual Office
Subsidy Scheme for Beauty Parlours, Massage Establishments and Party Rooms under the Anti-epidemic Fund -a practising accountant’s certification
OneStart 15th Anniversary Incorporation Virtual Office Company Secretary for a free Microsoft Office 365
Mongkok Serviced Office Rental Drop Fixed Room or Desk $2020/MO Up
2020-09-07 | Latest promotion
Tips for Anti-epidemic Fund - Catering Business Social Distancing Subsidy Scheme
Virtual Office - Not Just Provide You An Address!
Have not received tax returns?