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frist time to form a company may have asked thess question:


Before answering, please let us enlighten you:


Over the past 17 years,
there have been more than 17,000+ entrepreneurs
who reached OneStart for help.


The procedures required to start a company from square one are not difficult, but cumbersome.

If one of them is missed, you may be prosecuted and fined...



So, the key to starting a business is dealing with documents?

Does it mean that, in the early stages of entrepreneurship, one should spend a lot of time checking the required applications and filling in the forms one by one?




Let OneStart help you handle all the tedious affairs.

As a result, you can concentrate on developing your business and making real money!


We have expertise in handling all the procedures involved in company incorporation. With years of experience, we understand the problems faced by most start-ups. 

OneStart can simultaneously solve the followings: 

  1. Company name search (check if a company with identical name already exists to reduce the chance of being rejected during application)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation (CI) application
  3. Business Registration (BR) application
  4. Preparation of the Green Box (cheque seal, circular seal, steel seal, articles of association and rules, etc.)
  5. Acting as the statutory company secretary (preparation and submission of Annual Return and Business Registration Certificate in the second year of operation)
  6. Business registration address rental (choose from five branch addresses, all located in commercial hotspots, which can boost clients' confidence)
  7. Dynamic electronic company directory
  8. Register of Significant Controllers and Designated Representatives
  9. Telephone secretarial and electronic fax services
  10. MPF, labor insurance, group medical insurance consulting
  11. Tax representative (tax declaration is required 18 months after business opening, tax declaration requires financial statements, audit reports, etc.)


OneStart comprehensive business support services, including but not limited to:

Virtual office, serviced office,

Accounting and Auditing,

One-stop HR services,

Digital and marketing services,

Trademark registration (Hong Kong, China and overseas),

Meeting room rental, etc.


All services can be grouped freely according to your needs. We offer cost-effective professional services to help you initiate a thriving business!


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【Just One Step to Start Your Dreams】
OneStart provides comprehensive supports to help Start-ups