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2018-03-22 | Start-up Tips
Can everyone be a Company Secretary in a Hong Kong Company?

Can everyone be a Company Secretary in a Hong Kong Company?

As you prepare to set up a company in Hong Kong, you may need to note that there are some basic administrative requirements, which will help you set up your company quickly and ensure a smooth future development.


What are the legal requirements for setting up a company?

Under the laws of Hong Kong, there are some regulations require that every limited company must have at least one company secretary, which is considered a legal position in the enterprise system. The company secretary should oversee many administrative affairs of the company, such as preparing and submitting Annual Return, submitting the Business Registration Certificate, preparing minutes of directors' and shareholders' meetings, changes or resignations of secretaries or directors, and new shares and so on.


Different functions of company secretary

Overall, the company secretary has the following functions:

• Submission of annual returns on behalf of the company

• Preparation and submission of business registration certificate

• Record the Content of a Meeting

• Allotment of shares

• Preparation and submission of secretary and director information

• Regularly update company records and so on



Various service plans of Company Secretary

It is definitely a wise decision to seek help from a business to apply company secretary services.

You can choose from a variety of service plans. The economic package contains fewer service services, while the premium package contains more comprehensive company secretary services. The service provider will also provide suggestions for CR and IRD’s letters.

If you are considering hire a company secretary for your company in Hong Kong, you shall look for a professional business centre to help you.