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2018-04-09 | Start-up Tips
What is Business Centre in Hong Kong?

What is Business Centre in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong business centre is a platform that can help people to do business, providing entrepreneurs with a variety of services to run their businesses. OneStart Business Centre is a company that provides workplaces to meet all the business needs of entrepreneurs. The office facilities provided by OneStart are as follows:

• Meeting room

• Serviced Office

• Hot desk

• Business registered address


Factors to consider when choosing a business center

Here are some factors that individuals or company need to consider when choosing a Hong Kong business centre:

  1. Location: The business center must be in the business district and convenient for using transportation. In addition, it should be close to banks, restaurants, entertainment centers and government agencies.
  2. Facilities/ equipment: The office is fully equipped with facilities, such as free Wi-Fi, pantry and so on.
  3. Professional support: The business center should provide professional service support, and the secretary services can help customers to solve all kinds of cumbersome tasks, for example, office assistants can help to handle reception, serving coffee or tea, documents filing and processing, etc.
  4. Telephone service: Provide independent telephone lines and fax services. The secretary  will answer the calls in the name of you or the company owned by client, it can enhance the image of company.