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2021-12-31 | OneStart Weekly
【6 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Virtual Office Pros & Myths

Virtual Office: Pros and Myths


After getting to know the services we are offering in the Virtual Office service packages, you might have a question in mind – What is the advantages for me in subscribing to the Virtual Office services? Therefore, in this blog, we will dive into the pros and myths of virtual office.


1. Lowering Fixed Costs

The most obvious advantage of subscribing to virtual office packages is that it can help you to lower your expenditure fixed costs. Fixed costs are those costs that you cannot escape from when starting a business. For example, like bills of renting an estate office, refurbishment of office, water and electricity, or even your office WiFi network. All of these costs can be skipped, if you subscribe to the virtual office services. You would not have to worry about finding the cheapest rent or the best telecom service, because all of these trivial matters are handled by your virtual office service offering business centre, like OneStart Business Centre.

You might think that virtual office packages subscription also takes up a portion of your expenditure when running the business. However expensive you may think virtual office services are, I can assure you it is still cheaper than all those digits you can get from your rental bills.


2. Flexible Talent Recruit

Upon the pandemic, different firms and corporations have found a new way to keep the business going, even though face to face commute or meetings have been prohibited. Work-from-home becomes a new trend. Virtual Office services provides you with a valid registered address, helping you in your way of company formation. Thus, enabling your company to embrace the future of workplace communication – online business. In this sense, you can now no longer only recruit talents from within the border and could commute to office work on time; but also, those living in oceans away but having the same ambitious mind as you do.

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3. Maintaining a Professional Company Image

The virtual office addresses we provide are addresses of our business centre’s branches. At our OneStart Business Centre’s branches, there will be professional receptionists to handle business matters for you. Our branches are located at the golden core business belt of Hong Kong, for example Central, Causeway Bay, Kwun tong, Lai Chi Kok and Mong Kok business centre. Having a valid business address is important to reassure your clients that your company is professional company. Situating your office at the core business areas in Hong Kong could help to build your brand image.


Some of you might be worried that sharing the same address with other firms might be suspicious, and might get you into trouble with government officials. However, you can be rest assured. Virtual Office services offering agencies, like OneStart Business Centre, are legal entities registered under the law, and therefore, we have licensed to provide virtual office services. Your virtual office addresses, once compared with our branches address, the government would not suspect that your address is illegal or invalid. They will understand that you have subscribed to our virtual office services, and thus is using OneStart Business Centre’s address as your registered office address.


4. More Time for Business Development

Subscribing to Virtual Office services means that you would not have to commute to work, and all trivial matters like handling phone calls will be handles by our professional receptionists. In other words, you will have more time to work on other aspects of your business, for example some of you might have to join investors dinner parties; or some of you own a boutique shop and you will have more time to travel around and find the best garments for your business.


Some people might think that more time available does not mean that employees will allocate the extra time to work. Then they will think that having an office, where people will be sitting in front of the computers and you can actually see them working, is a better way to prevent slacking. But truly talking, even in an office, if employees could still be pretending to work while chatting online with friends or viewing forums. So, what makes it a difference?


Virtual Office is still a new form of business organization, but it definitely does help to build your brand and to develop your company. We hope that we have solved some of the common myths or say misunderstanding towards virtual office, and introduced you to the advantages of using virtual office services. If you have any questions towards virtual office services, feel free to contact us!

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