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2021-12-17 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - What is Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?


When you first look at “Virtual Office”, it is easy to think of going online. However, Virtual Office does not mean putting your business to the cloud. Virtual Office services provides you with a sum of different business aids, helping you to achieve business success.


First, address of you Virtual Office service provider, like OneStart Business Centre, could act as your company’s Registered Office Address. Having an official registered office address is one of the crucial step and information you need to provide in company formation.


According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (amended in 2018), a registered office address of your company, will be the official address of your company. All company registered in Hong Kong, must possess a registered office address. Mainly serving the function of, receiving statutory mail from the Hong Kong Government and any other legislative agencies.


You must be wondering, then how come can OneStart Business Centre’s address be my company’s registered office address? How does Virtual Office have any relationships with my company register and company formation progress?


The Ordinance only required your office address to be situating within Hong Kong borders, but it needs not to be the exact place where you company conducts your business activities! Therefore, as long as you are using a valid physical address, and not just a P.O. Box address, it can be registered as your office address.


Sometimes starting a small business means being in short of capital. Rents could be a real troubling problem. Imagine opening an online boutique shop. How can I register my business without a rental office? With this registration requirement, you actually do not have to rent a place for your business!


Here is where Virtual Office can be your help! Virtual Office services provider, like OneStart Business Centre, have a valid physical address and a registered company service provider. A registered office address would be listed on the government record. Therefore, our registered business centre address could act as registered office address. Our virtual address will be your mailbox, for you to receive any notices or mails from the Government, or even your online shopping invoices.


Virtual Office does not mean putting it online, but having a virtual address for your company registered. Finding a reliable virtual office or business centre is important.  Stay tune to this weekly blog! More information on serviced office and other services by OneStart Business Centre is soon to come.


Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Virtual Office services? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or Whatsapp our helpful consultants! Virtual Office is one call away!