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2022-05-25 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - USA New York Company Formation

Company Formation (Global) – The New York State

Recalling from our second blog series, OneStart Business Centre helps our clients to establish companies in Hong Kong and other places around the globe. We briefly mentioned some of the most popular foreign investment choices of our clients. This time, we will go deeper into the other different choices of foreign investments you can choose with OneStart Business Centre.

The United State of America, being one of the most key significant hubs of commerce and finance, has long been the dream places for bold business investors. Above all the New York State is the golden American Dream for most businessmen. Many business legends emerge from New York. It is a dream place for many.

As a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident, it might sound a bit tricky to think of company formation in the New York State. You might think getting the green permit is a must before taking the first step and submit documents for company formation. However, OneStart Business Centre is here to tell you that it is not the case! Without a Visa, you can set up a U.S. company without being there in person. All you need to do is to prepare the necessary documents and submit the registration online. This could be conducted remote, but there are still points you need to be aware of.


Incorporation in New York State opens up a pathway to immense opportunities. There are multiple business forms you could choose from:

(1) limited liability company

(2) professional service limited liability company

(3) limited partnerships

(4) sole proprietorship

(5) business corporation

(6) benefit corporation

(7) professional service corporation

(8) not-for-profit corporation, or even more lesser form.

You may find some of the business forms strange to the eye, and which is why, The Department of State has strongly advice any possible venturers to seek professional legal and financial advice.

OneStart Business Centre has years of company formation experience. We have helped clients to incorporate companies in New York and they have all live the American Dream. There are few basic requirements for company formation in New York.

The incorporation is expected:

  1. To have at least one company founder (may be a shareholder or manager);
  2. To have at least one shareholder, can be a corporate body or a natural person. There is no restriction on the nationality of the shareholder;
  3. To have at least one director who must be a natural person;
  4. To have at least one manager (executive director, financial director or secretary), who must be a natural person; and
  5. To have directors or mangers who will sign legal documents on behalf of the company and record meeting minutes.

If you wish to form a New York company with OneStart Business Centre, the service we could provide is far more than just helping you to prepare the set of documents and filing. We would:

  1. Prepare the New York State Standard Version Company Regulations;
  2. Prepare the Minutes of your first board meeting;
  3. Customize a New York Corporate kit for you, including a metal corporate seal, stock certificate, register of shareholder, register of director, and stock transfer ledger, etc.;
  4. Prepare meeting minutes (or resolutions) for opening a company account;
  5. Perform as your one-year New York State registered agent and provide you with a registered address;
  6. Arrange a New York State company to be registered agent of your New York State company;
  7. Verify the availability of your proposed company name;
  8. Answer in detail your registration and follow-up questions about the New York State Co., Ltd.;
  9. Pay the registration fee of the New York State Government (Office of the Secretary of State) for you.

If you are interested, phone in to find our consultants for a quotation now! Generally, the New York State company would be registered in about 3 working days. Then after the New York State Companies Registry has finished the document review, you would be notified at once. A Fast Pass is available for purchase, if you are in a great rush. There are also other additional service OneStart Business Centre could provide you with on your way of company formation, upon request and purchase:

  1. Employer identification number application
  2. Taxational personal identification number application
  3. Business tax permit application
  4. New York State and Local business license application
  5. Federal business license application
  6. Opening a U.S. bank account
  7. Provide you with a receiving address in the U.S.
  8. Provision of certification of registration documents or director’s incumbency certificate.

The American Dream is just one step away, don’t let the distance stop you from going after you dream. OneStart Business Centre is here to help you. We would remove all the stumbling blocks for you, on your way to incorporating a New York company. It might not be an easy way, but we will be here. Just one call away.

Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Offshore Company Formation Services? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!