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2022-05-27 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - USA California Company Formation

Company Formation (Global) – California

Can you feel the ocean breeze brushing against your skin, the warm sunlight tanning your skin to the sugary brown color? With a sip of wine, the bold capitalized letters “HOLLYWOOD” is right in front of your view, from the balcony of your office.

Apart from the famous New Yok City, another popular financial hub is California. Located near the Pacific Ocea and southernly adjacent to Mexico, California is the star of the American West Coast. California has the largest economy in the United States, larger than many countries. In 2013, California’s economy was the 8th largest economy in the world according to a list compiled by the International Monetary Fund. Investors from worldwide have been attracted by its multicultural background, and have chosen to incorporate their business and companies in California. In this blog, we would tell you what you need to know during company formation in California.


In addition to the early information-technological, data processing, computational software and system design developments in Silicon Valley. Various industries such as computer and electronics, aerospace, medical equipment, biotechnology, life sciences, transportation equipment, environmental engineering, agriculture, medical treatments, tourism and construction are also important industries in California.

Similar with company formation in the New York State, there are also some requirements for the corporation you wish to incorporate in California. Your company should have:

  • At least one incorporator, can be a shareholder or officer
  • At least one shareholder. The shareholder can be a legal entity or natural person, without nationality limitation
  • At least one director. The director must be a natural person
  • At least one officer (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, or Secretary). The officer can be held by one or more natural person
  • The director or officer who will sign legal documents on behalf of the corporation and record minutes of meetings

After making sure these basic requirements have been met, you can take the next step and prepare all necessary documents. That includes the corporate name check, articles, bylaws, a corporate records book, an incorporator’s statement, minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors, stock certificates, and a stock transfer ledger. If you choose OneStart Business Centre, it would usually take 60 business days for registration. Then, after the revision of documents provided, the State Registry would announce successful incorporation of your company.

At OneStart Business Centre, we have years of overseas company formation experience, and therefore, we aim at perfecting the registration service we could provide for our clients. The services we could provide you, when you have chosen us to help you incorporate in California, includes but not limited to the followings:

  • Handle the registration of a corporation (a joint stock company)
  • Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Perform name availability search
  • Pay registration filing fee to California Secretary of State
  • Set up standard version Operating Agreement
  • Record minutes of first meeting of board of directors
  • File Statement of Information within 90 days after registration
  • Compile board resolution for opening a business bank account, if applicable
  • Customize a corporate kit, including a metal corporate seal, stock certificate, register of shareholder, register of director, and stock transfer ledger etc.
  • Consultation regarding the registration and maintenance of a corporation in California

It was required by The Secretary of State that every California corporation must have an agent for service of process. He/She/It can be an individual or corporation that agrees to accept legal papers on your company’s behalf. Such agent should had filed a Registerd Corporate Agent for Service of Process Certificate (Form 1505) with the Secretary of State. Therefore, you should be aware of those who are certified for carrying out the company formation process for you.

Apart from the filing process, OneStart Business Centre could provide additional services, upon request and payment. We would like to provide further aid on your way of establishing your California business, such as:

l   Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) application

l   Remote registration of local business bank account

l   Local business mailing address (necessary for opening local business bank account)

l   Local phone number (necessary for opening local business bank account)


Are you ready for a new adventure in the Hollywood famous California? Walk into the California sunshine in business with us. OneStart Business Centre is here to help you incorporate in California. 

Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Company Formation Services? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!