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2022-06-29 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Anguilla Company Formation

Company formation (Global) – Anguilla

Just like BVI and Cayman Islands, Anguilla is a tax neutral jurisdiction – a tax haven for businessmen. Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands and is located in the morth-eastern Caribbean, approximately 950 miles south east of Miami, Florida. It is one of the most popular sites for incorporation of offshore overseas companies. Investors from all around the globe register their companies at Anguilla to enjoy the benefits that it could offer.


The Island is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom with a legal system based upon English common law with local modifications. Such political stable constitution makes business in Anguilla more reliable and financially stable. There are mainly three types of Anguilla companies you can incorporate:

(1) Anguilla Business Company,

(2) International Business Company, and

(3) Limited Liability Company.

However, you might need to make a small remark. International Business company – the most popular form of incorporation, are prohibited from engaging in any form of commercial activities with the residents of Anguilla. That is a mean of the Anguilla government to protect local business from being replaced from the internationals. However, you can still rent an office in Anguilla, or have you bank accounts and hire professional personnel from the Anguilla labor market.


One special advantage of owning Anguilla IBC is that you are allowed to migrate the corporate domicile. That is to say, you could transfer your company to another jurisdiction, without the need of dissolving your existing IBC. With this migration possible, Anguilla companies can take avoid fluctuating financial secrecy laws and tax regulations, and grow their business empire. Apart from its stability and special transferable of domicile, investors’ privacy is valued in Anguilla. The documents you will need to submit to the Registrar, will only be kept at the Commercial Registry, they would not be disclosed or be available to the public. According to the International Business Company Act of Anguilla, company custodians or auditors are forbidden from revealing any type of information regarding the Anguillan corporation. Privacy protection is valued, and so is the trademark and the intellectual property of any Anguilla company. Holders of trademarks registered in the UK would be able to extend their rights to Anguilla. Therefore, the protection over patents and copyrights are strictly uphold. This also built a reliable image for Anguilla to be the haven for business.

To encourage foreign investments, there is no foreign exchange controls in Anguilla. This means that investors would be able to move their money in and out of Anguilla in any form of currency they wish. Being a tax haven, taxes on offshore companies are minimized, to lower tax liabilities. No matter how much the company's registered capital you have, government fees are single charges. The low tax rates, or even some absence of certain tax types for foreign companies, allow your offshore business to flourish with a registered Anguilla company. So what are the requirements of registering and incorporating an Anguilla company?

l   Shareholders: An exempted company need to have one shareholder and shares can be issued in bearer or registered form. There is no requirement to file the details of shareholders on any public record.

l   Directors/ Officers: A minimum of one director is required and corporate directors are permitted. There is no requirement to file the details of shareholders on any public record.

l   Register of Members: A copy of the share register must be kept at the Registered Office commencing from the date of registration of the Company.


Without a minimum capital requirement for your new Anguilla company, incorporation is fast and convenient. You will inly need to provide with the name and address of at least one shareholder and director. The rest is the verification of identity documents and the basic documents of you Anguilla company. With the help from credited sub-agent like OneStart Business Centre, you can smoothen up the registration process, by having a more all-round preparation of the Anguilla offshore company incorporation. At OneStart Business Centre, we can provide you with all sorts of services you will need in the registration process, as long as you ask, and we will thrive to offer our help. Feel free to dial in, and ask our consultants about the plans you will be making.

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