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2021-03-17 | Latest promotion
[$1250 up] Private, Unlimited Company, Limited Company Tax Service

$1250 up - Private, unlimited company accounting & tax service


Personal and unlimited company tax issue has been easily ignored by clients. It would be lot easier if professional accounting teams are here for you. Get rid of the complicated procedures and pay tax on time!



【Limited company tax service - OneStart Certified Public Accountant】


OneStart business centre has its own CPA providing one-stop professional services for our clients. We provide high quality accounting, taxing services for more than 15 years.



「Taxation time! - SME taxation guarantee service*


Our SME taxation guarantee service is especially created for minimizing costs. For new members registering taxation plan, feel free to contact us for special offers. Call us at +852 3575 6888 or Whatspps 9731 3668 .


 * Special offer is bounded by terms and conditions. We reserve all final decision rights.




Contact us for more information! 



Tax Hotline :

(852) 3575 6888



(852) 9731 3668


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