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2018-05-08 | Start-up Tips
What are the advantages of Company Formation in Hong Kong?

What are the advantages of Company Formation in Hong Kong?


There are many benefits of Company Formation in Hong Kong. One of the main advantages is that you can conduct your company's business activities in a Free Economic Zone and get complete support.

Business consultants will solve the problem of Company Formation in Hong Kong

Professional business consultants and service providers can help you to set up a Hong Kong company. You don't need to worry about it, because they will assist you with all registration procedures.


Economy Package of Company Registeration

Business centre often offer specific packages to help customers for setting up a company. The basic package is called "Economic Package". The services including company name search, to ensure that your company name is unused or legal. In addition, business centre can help you to prepare documents for Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration. "Economy Package" can meet the most basic needs of Company Formation in Hong Kong. However, this package may does not fully meet the requirements of the Hong Kong Law, so customers are advised to upgrade to another package to enjoy a wider range of services.


Supreme Package of Company Registeration

"Supreme Package" includes all the services of the "Economy Package" and includes additional important services, for example, Premium Green Box, which contains steel stamps, Article of Association (AA), Registers of Directors and shareholders, etc. Moreover, this package also including Standard Package of Company Secretary services for the first year. You can also use registered address and e-fax service that provided by the business centre in the first year. Therefore, if you receive the mail, you will receive notification by email.


Other value-added services related to Company Formation in Hong Kong Each Hong Kong company will receive a profit tax return from Inland Revenue Department (IRD) about 18 months after its establishment. Unless IRD agree with the extension, the tax should be filed within 3 months of receiving the tax form. You can also hire Certified Public Accountants (CPA) to provide you with accounting and auditing services.