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2020-02-07 | OneStart's News
Special Arrangement of Opening Hours in Times of Coronavirus Situation

Due to the evolving situation of coronavirus, special opening hours will be adopted by the Lai Chi Kok head office and all branches of OneStart Business Centres in Hong Kong to safeguard the health of our clients and staff. Starting from 10th February 2020 (Monday) until further notice, the opening hours will be changed to 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Monday to Friday.

Special arrangements over the following services:

  • Customer service hotline and the virtual office telephony services will be adjusted to the opening hours above.
  • If you cannot collect the mails at the above opening hours, you may consider sending the mails by courier with our staff's assistance. We will waive the administrative charges involved while you will only pay the courier service provider upon delivery.
  • If you have reserved the conference room, you can call us for changing the session(s) without charging you any extra administrative fee.
  • Please consider this is a precautionary measure to prevent spreading the infection of coronavirus, while balancing the need to ensure the services to our clients.


We will closely monitor the situation to determine any further precaution measures to be taken. Thank you for your understandings.

Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to call +852 35750222 or email to cs@onestartoffices.com or send a message via WhatsApp for more details.

We would like to highly propose our clients to take measures for preventing the infection as well: washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, sterilizing thoroughly, eating clean and sleeping well to stay healthy!

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