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2022-06-30 | OneStart Weekly
OneStart Weekly - Monthly Recap (June)

Monthly Recap – June

This month, OneStart Weekly brought our readers to travel around the world. We have been to the California’s beach, the Great Wall, and remote Islands. All of them are world-renowned business hub for incorporating offshore companies. Do you remember what destinations we have set foot on?


The Tax Haven ( Cayman Island / BVI / Anguilla )

The first group of locations OneStart Business Centre can offer you company formation services at, are the islands that act as a tax haven for investors. If you wish to incorporate in the Anguilla, the British Virginia Islands (BVI), or the Cayman Islands, you could enjoy lower tax rate than in any other countries. When you form an offshore company in one of the tax havens, you will be able to enjoy a total absence or minimum levels of taxation. Generally talking, your offshore company is not subjected to income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, wealth tax or similar fiscal laws. These could have been a great barrier in reducing the flexible capital in your hand during business. But then now, if you are choosing over company formation in one of the tax havens, your business in such destinations will grant you entrance to more flexible capital spending. The substantial tax is set at a level which will benefits international businesses, in order words, the offshore company you are going to incorporate.

There might still be worries over crooks and money-launders in such haven. But in fact, Anguilla, Cayman Islands and BVI like other tax havens, has put forward regulations for maintaining a clean reputation. Their financial system can detect and prevent financial criminals and money-launders, so you can be rest-assured and enjoy burden-free incorporation.

Hong Kong’s Neighbors ( China / Macau )

The second group of locations are close to Hong Kong, it is more suitable for people who would like to expand their business to within the delta bay. Linked with China with just a highspeed railway, and Macau just across the bridge, incorporating your company at these neighbors are golden chance for you to enter the mainland’s markets.

Running a foreign-owned enterprises in China, allow you to do business formally in China, without difficulties and limitations as in your local Hong Kong office. Also, when you have incorporated your Chinese company, you can open RMB invoices and use RMB as revenue. Your RMB profit can be converted into USD, which HKD is linked to, and be remitted to overseas parent company. Such benefit is only registering a foreign-owned company in China, via Hong Kong can offer you.

People in Macau spoke the same language as us, and they also shared a similar cultural background as we do. Moreover, most importantly, as a possible investor, Macau has a low tax rate. Offshore companies could be exempted from profit tax, business tax, inheritance and gift taxes, property transfer tax, stamp tax and salaries tax for the first three years of employing non-Macau residents. This means that running business in the famous Asian hub could come with a lower cost.

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Asian Countries ( Malaysia / Singapore )

To think even more out of the box, the growing south-east Asian market is a chance you should not miss. Acting as a world’s gateway to the Asian market, Singapore has ranked the #1 as the best business environment in the Asia pacific and the world. Commonly preferred by the rich, numerous multinational companies have chosen to incorporate in Singapore. There have been more than 154,000 small and medium companies established in Singapore for it being the reputable financial and regional trading center of Asia. On the other hand, the other perfect choice is Malaysia. Malaysia is the third-largest trade bloc in the world and offers you easy access to the 650 million large market. Malaysia is one of the central financial hubs in the South-East Asia region, ranking the 18th in the World Bank 2016.

Both countries have excellent infrastructure that connect the country to the rest of the SE Asia, all across the peninsula. Such international sea and air connections provide easy route for goods and services delivery. The rental rates and the start-up costs in Malaysia are relatively lower than its neighboring countries. Multinational corporations set up their factories and offices in Malaysia, for the efficiency this may offer. For Singapore offshore companies, incorporation there means you cab enjoy its 21 bilateral and regional FTAs in force. Under the Network of Trade Agreements, business and trading in Singapore becomes less costly and easier. This facilitated Singapore companies to expand their operations internationally. So incorporation in Singapore is a golden stepping stone and springboard, for bold investors like you to start business.


The Classy Central Hub ( England / USA: California & New York )

If you want to play it safe, you might want to choose from the more classic destination list. England the USA are always a good choice to expand your business, or as your first start-up location. The business network and system there would be the most advanced with a more structured business environment that you will need to thrive. At OneStart Business Centre, we mainly could help you to incorporate your company in England, California and New York. No matter it is the bow-tie and suit you are after, or the big American dream you want to live in, OneStart Business Centre is here to help you achieve.

The company formation process, and the company types for incorporation in England are quite similar with Hong Kong. In England, setting up a limited company also request you to identify the people with significant control (PSC) over your limited company in the process of company formation. There will be a set of different documents you need to prepare, but no need to worry, OneStart Business Centre could provide the help you will need.

The United State of America, being one of the most key significant hubs of commerce and finance, has long been the dream places for bold business investors. Above all the New York State is the golden American Dream for most businessmen. Many business legends emerge from New York. It is a dream place for many. As a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident, it might sound a bit tricky to think of company formation in the New York State. You might think getting the green permit is a must before taking the first step and submit documents for company formation. However, OneStart Business Centre is here to tell you that it is not the case! Without a Visa, you can set up a U.S. company without being there in person. All you need to do is to prepare the necessary documents and submit the registration online.

Apart from the famous New Yok City, another popular financial hub is California. Located near the Pacific Ocean and southernly adjacent to Mexico, California is the star of the American West Coast. California has the largest economy in the United States, larger than many countries. In 2013, California’s economy was the 8th largest economy in the world according to a list compiled by the International Monetary Fund. Investors from worldwide have been attracted by its multicultural background, and have chosen to incorporate their business and companies in California.

Apart from the filing process, OneStart Business Centre could provide additional services, upon request and payment. We would like to provide further aid on your way of incorporating your new offshore companies!

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