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2022-06-14 |
OneStart Notice - TSCP Provider License Regulations

OneStart Business Centre Warm Reminder:

OneStart Business Centre has served our clients for more than 16 years. It has always complied with the Hong Kong government's business regulations and holds a *TCSP license (license number TC001533) to provide customers with business and virtual office services. OneStart business centre is committed to maintaining a fair and satisfying business environment for customers. As a qualified licensee, we have the responsibility to remind every customer who applies for virtual office, company secretary and incorporation services to provide the following documents due diligence.

Required Documents  Limited Company Formation- Shareholder/director is company Limited Company Formation- Shareholder/director is company Unlimted Company Formation - Owner/Partner Company Secretary   Virtual Office: Limited company   Virtual Office: Unlimited company   Virtual Office: Personal
Application form  
Customer Due Diligence Form    
Certificate of Incorporation        
Business Registration (Latest)    
Incorporation Form (Company Limited by Shares)        
Article of Association        
Annual Return (applicable)        
ID or passport of directors & shareholders // personal
Valid address proof of directors & shareholders // personal
Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors        
Register of Company Secretary, Significant Controllers Register        

*According to the requirements of business laws CAP 622 and CAP 615, if a company uses a virtual office address as its registered address, the company name must be clearly displayed at the physical location.

*The Hong Kong government is a member of the Inter-Governmental Financial Action Task Force. In order to reduce Hong Kong's risks in money laundering and terrorist financing, and maintain Hong Kong's reputation as an international financial center, HK has decided to implement trust or company services from March 1, 2018. Registrar of Companies (Trust and Company Service Providers) is regulated by the licensing system, and the Registrar of Companies examines applications for licenses. Since then, service providers need to apply for a Trust or Company Service Provider License (TCSP License) before offering virtual office, company secretary or incorporation services.