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2021-07-16 | Start-up Tips
OneStart Business Centre - Consumption Voucher 2021

OeStart Business Centre

Consumption Voucher Guide

Three Payment Methods Now At OneStart!


With over 15-year business experience, OneStart business centre provides one-stop services like:Virtual Office, Company Formation, Account Audit etc. In order to get prepared for consumption voucher, OneStart Business Centre has launch payment methods: Octopus card, AlipayHK and Tap & Go for fast and convenient transaction.

Below please find the payment guides:


Octopus Card (Supports offline payment)

1. Visit our business centres for physical octopus card payment. 


AlipayHK (Supports online & offline payment)

1. Visit our business centre for offline payment. OR

2. Choose to pay by AlipayHK

3. AlipayHK app or WEB version will be automatically activated.

4. Choose to pay with credit card to complete transaction.


WeChat Pay(Supports online payment)

1. Linked up with HK issued VISA/Mastercard/Union Pay credit card/Bank account

2. Click WeChat Wallet and choose "Pay"

3. Payment QR Code will be shown and merchant can scan the code to complete payment.

Tap & Go(Supports offline payment)

Through Apple Pay 

1. Download Apple Pay at App Store.

2. Add Tap & Go card or i.Card to our Apple Pay Wallet.

3. Switch the payment status to "ON".

4. Pay with Tap & Go and your mobile will receive "transaction complete" message.



【**Enjoy $200 discount with Purchase of $2000 with Consumption Voucher**!】