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2024-06-14 | Start-up Tips
Company Registration Address: Requirements, Considerations & Virtual Office Choice


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Table of contents

  1. The purpose of a registered office address
  2. Requirements for a registered office address
  3. Can a residential address be used as a company's registered address?
  4. Using a virtual office as a company's registered address
  5. Conclusion


When establishing any type of company, whether it's a limited or unlimited company, you are required to have a "registered office address" that can be officially registered. As a novice entrepreneur, you may frequently find yourself puzzled by these terms. This article aims to clarify the aspects to consider when selecting a company's registered office address and highlight the advantages of utilizing a virtual office as the registered office address. By doing so, it will assist you in launching your business confidently and without any ambiguity.

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1. The purpose of a registered office address

A registered office address is the officially registered address of the company. When establishing a company in Hong Kong, you must register the primary contact address with the Companies Registry (for limited/unlimited companies) and/or the Inland Revenue Department (for limited companies) in order to obtain relevant documents.

Statutory mails from various government departments will be sent to the company's registered address, including:

  • Tax Return
  • Employer Return
  • Notice of Business Registration Certificate renewal, etc.

The company's registered address will also be recorded and can be used by the public to search for information about your company.

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2. Requirements for a registered office address

A registered office address must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to receive mail correspondence and notifications
  • A physical address located in Hong Kong
  • Not a postal box address
  • Able to display the company's name at the registered office (only applicable to limited companies)

One more thing to note is that a residential address cannot be used as a business registration address. According to the Hong Kong Land Ordinance, land is designated for specific purposes, and residential areas are typically intended for residential use, not for commercial purposes.


3. Can a residential address be used as a company's registered address?

As mentioned above, the business registration address must be a legitimate commercial zone, such as a commercial building, office building, or industrial building. Attempting to use a residential address as a business registration address may violate land planning regulations and could also contravene lease agreements or property management regulations. The Companies Registry also advises entrepreneurs to use a commercial address as their registered address.

Another important point to consider is that your company's registered address can be obtained through a company search, and individuals with intent can easily access your personal information with simple steps. To protect themselves, many entrepreneurs prefer to use virtual offices as their registered addresses. This ensures their privacy and safeguards their personal information.


4. Using a virtual office as a company's registered address

A virtual office is a service that allows businesses to use a commercial address for company registration without occupying physical space. Generally, the service is reasonably priced. Moreover, these virtual offices are usually located in prime commercial areas, allowing small businesses to obtain a Grade A commercial building address at a lower cost, enhancing the company's professional image.

In addition to providing a registered office address, virtual office operators also provide additional business services, such as:

    • Call answering/forwarding
    • Mail collection
    • Discounted rental of meeting rooms
    • Secretarial services, etc.

In Hong Kong, many virtual offices provide one-stop entrepreneurship support for startup founders, such as company incorporation, company secretary services, accounting and tax reporting, etc. Therefore, for beginners in entrepreneurship, a virtual office is a highly suitable choice.

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The choice of a company's registered address can have a significant impact on your entrepreneurial journey. Renting a virtual office is a beginner-friendly option that allows you to obtain various practical services at an affordable price. It is important to note that virtual offices and business services require corresponding licenses, so it is necessary to ensure that the service provider is legitimate when choosing a virtual office.

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