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2022-02-18 | OneStart Weekly
【6 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Company Formation Other Services

Company Formation – Other Incorporation Services

Company formation processes take time and normally require different documents and validation. We have talked about the types of company you could incorporate in Hong Kong, and also the procedures in incorporation. In OneStart Business Centre, we could also offer you company formation services in other parts of the world, and also a shortcut for you to own a limited company without the wait.

l   Shelf Limited Company or Readymade Company

Both readymade company and shelf company refers to an established limited company, with registered name and address, but have not been in business since establishment. This type of company choice is usually for people how are urgent in setting up a company to conduct business, so they would choose to by-pass all the trivial steps in company formation. Instead, you can pay and buy a readymade or shelf company.

OneStart Business Centre has a list of shelf company that would be updated frequently. Most limited companies on our list have been formed for at least half a year to 9 months. The choices of limited company you can choose from comes in a wide range, assuring you an option matching up to your business standard. We make sure all the shelf company that we provide you as an option must be debt-free and is not in operation.

There will still be some procedures you have to undertake when purchasing the shelf company, and related documents to be prepared. Dial-in to find our professional sales representatives and know more about this.

l   Company Formation in other Countries

OneStart Business Centre mainly offers help in company incorporation in Hong Kong for limited company and unlimited company. However, we also have years of professional experience in company formation across the globe.

We could help you during your process of company formation at the countries listed as follows: England, USA (New York), USA (California), USA (Delaware), Macau, Foreign-owned enterprises in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman and Anguilla.

Among these countries, the three most popular choices for company formation among our customers are Macau, Singapore and BVI.

-         Establishment of Macau Company

Macau with its status as a well-known casino island, has been one important trading port for China. With the current connection to the Asia market, Macau could be a very attractive investment destination.

The first most common type of company set up in Macau is the Limited Liability Company by Quotas. This type of limited company is composed of 2-30 members, and therefore the minimum amount of quota issued is 2, while each subscriber should have at least one quota with a minimum value for each quota to be not less than Mop1000. 

Quota is a share in a private limited liability company. The rights of transferring is restricted and it prohibit any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares in the company.

The second most common type of company is Limited Liability by a Sole Owner. This type of limited company allows any natural person to be able to set up a company with his own capital. This is similar to sole proprietorship, as the company is formed and should only consists of 1 single person. However, this type of company is subject to the same regulations as Limited Liability Company by quotas.

CLICK HERE to know more about the incorporation process and requirements for company formation in Macau, or dial-in to find our sales representatives.

-         Establishment of Singapore Company

Singapore has been a growing word-class destination for investment and business. Company formation in Singapore is less complicated to some other parts of the world, and it allows 100% foreign ownership. The tax rate is low at a 9% and the overall flat tax rate is 17%, with a 75% waive for the first 100K in the first three years and a 50% for the following 70K. Immigration visa (entrepreneur pass) would also be available for the company owners who wish to immigrate to Singapore and run the Singapore Company there in person.

The minimum paid-up capital for company incorporation at Singapore is on S$1, and constitution of the company is a minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 director. There are no taxes on capital gains and dividends in general. Also, there is no exchange controls or restrictions on repatriation of profits. This ensures investors or company owners to maximize their gain from their business. Thus, building Singapore as one of the most popular company formation and investment paradise globally.

With the supply of all necessary documents, OneStart Business Centre could help you to process the incorporation through the basic steps. It takes the shortest or around 5 weeks only to complete the registration process. CLICK HERE to know more about the process and documents you will need.

-         Establishment of British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company

British Virgin Islands has been growing as a popular company formation destination. BVI has a flexible and modern corporate regime, tax neutrality, established legal system, politically stable, and an effective regulatory framework. Investors usually takes advantage of BVI’s flexibility to pool and access capital, as BVI has a minimal financial reporting requirement. BVI companies can be remotely operated and there is no registration of where the registered BVI company could conduct business.

After provision of all documents and payments to OneStart Business Centre, within 20 working days you would be able to receive the Certificates for the successful company formation at BVI. CLICK HERE to know more about what you need to do.

There are still so many other countries as listed above, that OneStart Business Centre could help you to incorporate you company at. Immigrations have been a new trend in a Hong Kong, but finding reliable business helper at foreign countries is not easy, especially when you are new there. OneStart Business Company can be your trustworthy partner!

Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Company Incorporation services? No matter you want to purchase a shelf company or incorporate abroad. Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants!