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2022-01-07 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Preparation for Virtual Office

Preparing for my Virtual Office

You have now chosen your ideal package of Virtual Office services, what is the next step? When you phone in to our hotline, our business consultant will guide you through the registration process. Still, there are few documents and steps you can prepared beforehand, to facilitate the application.

Our professional consulting agent would help you to fill in a form to apply for Virtual Office service packages offered by OneStart Business Centre. Most business centre would also require you to provide us with the applicant’s name, applicant’s contact email address, and applicant’s contact phone number. Other personal information like your personal HKID number and contact address will also be needed. Be ready to provide identity proof and be careful when handling personal information. You can try to schedule a meeting at our business centre with the agent, if you are worried about chatting over through the hotline.

Applicant can be any proper staff within the company. In other words, the licensee does not necessarily have to be the applicant. You can find your secretary to handle the application for you, and save your time for more important business matters.

Once our agent received your application, we will check the validity of the BR (Business Registration) you provided us with. There should be a set of documents you received from the government, when you formed your company. If you haven’t yet registered your company with the government, but would want to apply for the Virtual Office services beforehand, OneStart Business Centre could help you out. We offer you with a package that include both aids in company formation within Hong Kong and Virtual Office services. We will help you through the processed of formation of your own limited company, and you could choose to enjoy our virtual office services at any branch.

Please CLICK HERE for package information

After we have confirmed you BR, we will issue an invoice to your account. Once our office has successfully received your payment, your application would be processed to the next step. Our agent would activate your usage of the virtual office business address. You could choose to receive and register the address in two ways:

  1. Updating and registering the business address on your own: you can go to any post office or the Inland Revenue Department, and submit the registration form.
  2. Updating and registering the business address with the help of our agent: at OneStart Business Centre, we could help you with updating your business address to the government. In this case, the licensee would need to schedule a meeting with our agent and sign a government official document. Then we would be able to handle the rest of the registration process on behalf of you. We will notify you and let you be alerted along the process.

Today’s blog only aims at offering you a brief view of the process when you apply for virtual office services with OneStart Business Centre. Different Virtual Office services offering agencies might have different process, so make sure to ask your respective agents about it. Let your agent knows what you need, and I am sure they will be able to tailor a plan for you.


Interested in OneStart Business Centre’s Virtual Office services? Phone in to our hotline 3575 6888 or WhatsApp our helpful consultants! Virtual Office is one call away!