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2022-07-27 | OneStart Weekly
【4 mins Read】OneStart Weekly - Innovative Tech Industry Points to Note

Set up own company / Company formation / Incorporation could be anyone’s dream. What a company pursues is Profits and the goal of ensuring its sustainable operation. Entrepreneurship is full of variables. Young people should study every step of incorporation before they can give it a go! Usually, successful companies are mostly market pioneers with strong financial resources; but even if the financial resources are insufficient, most of them can remain invincible and have the opportunity to be merged and acquired. On the other hand, if you are a market follower, unless you have strong financial resources, you can only stand on the ground. Therefore, as a founder, you must have a vision to find market-leading products in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the company.


The industry with the largest number of startups in 2021 is innovative technology, and the growth of digital activities has also driven the growth of startups in individual industries, such as e-commerce, supply chain management and logistics technology.

Statistics show that even if the product "Technology" is good and the "Service" is good enough, the success rate of entrepreneurship is still only 10%. In fact, a successful enterprise must also have enough "finance" to be able to seize the opportunity in time to engage in "sales" and "marketing"; none of the above five chains are indispensable.


In the process of company formation and establishing a company, youngsters must carefully plan the source of funds and carefully evaluate the required paid-in capital in order to maintain the breakeven point. "Innovation" is a prerequisite for an enterprise to survive and move towards sustainable operation, while "Growth" is a necessary condition for an enterprise to succeed. OneSTart Business Center provides one-stop company formation services for SME owners, business registration virtual office services, and serviced offices to provide private working space for everyone. Feel free to call our sales consultants on 3575 6888 or Whatsapp to find out more!

Since it is difficult for second-class R&D talents to create first-class technology and continue to develop pioneering products, recruiting first-class R&D talents must be the company's primary policy. And only first-class R&D talents can be trusted by investor, customers and business partners. Furthermore, be sure to apply for Fundamental Patents for the core technology developed to protect the company's Intellectual Property and avoid infringement or misappropriation by competitors.


With the rise of the startup culture in recent years, both public and private institutions have increased their support and support for young people to start their own businesses. How to choose from the numerous start-up funds, government subsidies, and start-up loans in the market?


Cyberport Incubation Programme

Provide comprehensive financial, technical and business consulting support for technology start-ups to help enterprises transform innovative ideas into real business or commodities. During the 24-month incubation period, the incubating enterprise can receive a financial subsidy of up to HK$500,000. Incubation companies can be resident companies (free rental of offices provided by Cyberport) or non-resident companies.


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation ("STP") Technology Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme

Assisting technology start-ups in developing their businesses, providing enterprises with preferential rental workspaces and shared facilities in the Science Park, subsidies, technical and management support, marketing and development support, and business development support. The HKSTP INCUBATION aims to help start-up companies in the field of deep technology research to develop innovative solutions, while the Incu-Bio is dedicated to fostering local biomedical technology start-ups.


Innovation and Technology Incubation Programme (HKSTP INCUBATION)

The three-year HKSTP INCUBATION program aims to help start-ups in the field of deep technology research to develop innovative solutions. Provide newly furnished office space, world-class scientific research equipment and laboratory services. Entrepreneurs can obtain professional guidance from mentors, strategic partners, and investors through dedicated account managers, and strengthen R&D and business development with financial support of up to HK$1.29 million.

The program also provides technical and management training, giving you full control over the associated developmental progress. Get advice from industry experts to draft a business plan that will win the general public, and get guidance on go-to-market, fundraising strategies and various applications.

There is also a platform for technology development iStartup@HK, a one-stop platform managed by Cyberport that connects start-ups, investors and users looking for innovative solutions. Through this virtual demonstration channel, technology companies can introduce their business profiles and products to raise funds and expand their business footprint. By participating in matching activities, you can get close contact with future investors, technology partners, product distributors and industry partners to seize business cooperation opportunities. We will also assist you in obtaining professional certifications and corporate membership to enhance your company's image and credibility.

Starting a business is only the first step on the road to starting a business. Sustained development is the key to success. You may want more funding or support in the future, such as the government-funded SME marketing fund or the Technology Voucher Program to help your business. Business to the next level. OneStart Business Center provides one-stop company establishment / incorporation services for SME owners, business registration virtual office services, and serviced offices in Central, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Kwun Tong. Feel free to call our sales consultants on 3575 6888 or Whatsapp to find out more!