Roadshow promotion:

High quality and well trained promoter is the key person at marketing frontline

Promoter at sales frontline dealing with your customer directly, seizing every potential customer for you, to build up relationship with you and your customer. In facing keen competition with similar product and service supplier, promoter is an important force to increase sales. We are experienced in roadshow promotion, possessing experienced and well trained promoter. We have cooperated with various company in wide range of business field including information technology, telecom service, banking, health product, marketing survey, toy, electronic applicant…etc. Regarding how to promote visible product and invisible service, how to adjust marketing strategy according to the buying habit of different customer, our experience make us for sure.

    • Arrange indoor/outdoor roadshow promotion
    • Provide experienced promoter
    • Provide well trained interviewer

Conference & Seminar:

Well preparation and deal with outbreak event for you

A successful conference or seminar needs sufficient preparation, ability of dealing with accidental event. There are a lots of problems need to be considered in planning a conference or a seminar, where the conference to be hosted? When is the right time to promote the seminar? How to contact the target audience and confirm attendance? Who should be invited as special guest? When to distribute the gift? What to do if the program is overrun? We understand what you need and will be well prepared for you about the expected and unexpected situation in holding a seminar or a conference.

    • Arrange seminar and conference
    • Site selection, field setting and equipment preparation
    • Field and luxury security
    • Media communication


Seize the business opportunity with target and potential customer

Still seeking for your market and customer? Exhibition is a way to build up relationship with your target and potential customer, and topic exhibition can gather relevant product or service supplier to attract customers whose are interested with your product and service. Through the experiences of different exhibitions, we know how to take the advantage of topic exhibition and make you outstanding from those similar competitors. No need to hesitate to hold your company exhibition, try our one solution exhibition services and to seize the business opportunity.

    • Arrange exhibition and site selection
    • Field setting and equipment preparation
    • Model promotion
    • Provide experienced promoter
    • Field and luxury security

Design & Media Communication:

A name card can make your client differentiate you and your competitor

An excellent idea can bring a great change, sometimes, your image and design make your brand more outstanding rather than the product and service itself. As well as the color and font size of your name card, your client may differentiate you and your competitor by a tiny point. Bad taste advertisement can overwhelm the characteristics of your brand, a wonderful advertisement design can match your image, reposition your brand, even bring you a new business opportunity.

    • Graphic design/advertisement design
    • Desktop publishing/editing
    • Gift & premium
    • Electronic greeting card
    • Creative script writing
    • Exhibition field seting & design

Market Research:

Accurate market research is the cornerstone of successful marketing plan

Market positioning, developing sales network, pricing strategy, practical promotion campaign, all are the essential elements of a marketing plan and understanding market need is an eternal truth before you act. To understand market need, beside a market survey based on severe scientific methodology, accurate data collection is the same important. High quality interviewer can greatly eliminate the inaccuracy of market survey by getting the valid and certain information from customer. To understand the true market reality, our experienced interviewer is your choice.

    • Conducting professional market research
    • Experienced interviewer provision
    • Interviewer training
    • Mystery Shopper Programme