Application Process

    • Filing the application form (If appointment of a Certified Public Accountant or solicitor as appointed agent, authorization letter is required)
    • Approval letter from other governmental bodies (Foreign investor should be approved by investment commission of MOEA, examination of capital)
    • Preliminary approval of company name and business registration
    • Memorandum and Article of Association
    • Agreement from shareholders (signed by shareholders)
    • Letter of consent to act as directors
    • Information of shareholders (if included foreigner, a Chinese translation should be submitted) and the passport copies of shareholders and directors
    • Report of Examination of capital issued by a Certified Public Accountants
    • Authorization letter to Certified Public Accountants
    • Incorporation fee: 1 dollar per every Four thousand share capital; minimum charge is one thousand

Time Required for the Application

Around 20-30 working days.